Posted by: michellemuldoon | October 4, 2010

SOCAL Is So Good!

Can a weekend be any better?

This past weekend was supposed to be solely about screening at the Indie Can Film Festival.

And if that’s all it was about, I would have been beyond ecstatic! I had a wonderful time with family in attendance.  It was a great venue and I am so happy to have attended the festival. To Lucy and everyone at the Indie Can FF, a huge thank you.

Incredibly, the night got even better after the fabulous screening.  While sharing a celebratory drink with family, I received the phone call from Huntington Beach.  My screenplay, OVERDUE, was named Best Feature Screenplay at the SOCAL Film Festival in Huntington Beach, CA.

SOCAL also filmed a three page script reading from the screenplay. As soon as it’s available online, I’ll be sure to share the link.

I cannot quantify how grateful I am to both these festivals for their support and vote of confidence.

Thank you, so much. It’s nights like this past Saturday that inspire me to write, to film, and to create a place for myself in the industry.



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