Posted by: michellemuldoon | November 3, 2010

Writing Is Like A Good Friend

… Sometimes you love them, and other times, not so much. Sometimes you can spend all night hanging out together, and other times you just can’t see eye to eye. And unfortunately, sometimes you lose track of each other, but like all good friends, it’s like time never passed when you get back together again.

How does someone find themselves in this incredible friendship?  I think it comes down to whether or not a love of reading was instilled at a young age; whether or not your imagination was allowed, and actually encouraged, to soar. I was lucky, my parents insisted on reading, probably because my father read voraciously. I didn’t use a library for school projects until I went to junior high. I had one at home.

For screenwriters, I think the love for cinema needs to be instilled at the same time. Once again, I can thank my father for that.  My mother often worked Saturdays, so, my father and I would run some errands, visit our favorite second-hand bookshops and occasionally go to a matinée together. My father was , and is, the coolest guy I know.

It took until well into my adult life before I discovered the joy of combining two great pastimes, and not just combining them, but actively embracing my involvement in them by writing screenplays.  Now, I write far more than I read, but I never forget that reading is where it all starts. Once I seen a film, if I’ve really enjoyed it, I like to hunt down a copy of the screenplay in order to see how the writer created such distinctive visualizations on paper.

What I really enjoy is what happens when I sit down to write. It feels like I’m solidifying my friendship with the written word through the exploration of my own imagination.  I’m creating a relationship that bridges what I can see in my head, and what I hope people will see on-screen. That bridge, is my screenplay.

Sometimes I don’t get along with that new friend. (See my last post) And sometimes it takes a little venting (again, see last post) to put the friendship back on track (I’ve written 23 pages in the last three nights).  Whatever it is, creative writing is very much like a good friendship; we laugh, cry, stress, vent, and occasionally ignore each other. But no matter what, the friendship endures, and we find our way back to each other, stronger for the tough times, secure in the notion that we will always be there for each other.

No matter what, we never forget each other. Whenever we can find the time to reconnect, something new is born out of the time we spend together.

We’ve been to a lot of coffee shops, my writing and I. And we’ve celebrated great success together. I think we’ll be good friends for years to come….



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