Posted by: michellemuldoon | November 23, 2010

Hack To The Future

Last January I had lunch with Del Weston of the Action On Film International Film Festival (AOF). Del commented that he noticed I kind of “run with a pack” of writers at the festival (his words, not mine). And it’s true, I kind of do. I’m very blessed to be friends with a wonderful group of writers that I love hanging out with at the festival.  Their names are Christopher Canole, Matt Furman, Ron Podell, Justin Owensby and Jason Wallach. All of them are festival award winners, but it’s who they are as people that is incredible. They make me a winner by knowing them. So, I had no problem being guilty by association, as it’s the best kind of guilt I could have.

Del then suggested that it would great if I could organize our little group to write a collaborative scene. The scene would screen a reading at AOF 2010. You might have figured out by now that saying “no” to Del is not in the Michelle Muldoon playbook. The task scared the you-know-what out of me, but Del and his festival have given me so much over the years, that this is the least I could do for them.

The process was seamless, even though we all live in different parts of North America.  The talent of this generous group of men shone through every phase of the collaborative process. Hack To The Future was born.

This has turned into the experience that keeps on giving. This winter Director Mark Shelton, through Ursa Productions, will be directing the script as a short film.

You can find out how the production progresses at the Hack To The Future site at Ursa Productions.

Regarding the collaborative scene process that we developed… Stay tuned for more news on what new adventure that has created.



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