Posted by: michellemuldoon | November 25, 2010

2011 Writers’ Room Invitational


I mentioned last post that Hack To The Future created a whole new adventure. Well, that adventure would be the first ever AOF Writers’ Room Invitational.

Del Weston of the Action On Film International Film Festival (AOF) was so happy with last year’s collaborative scene, that he asked me to coordinate an event that would include nominated and award-winning writers from the festival. Del had absolute faith that the system that created Hack To The Future (HTTF) could be expanded to include multiple groups.

Where do you turn to, when a project of this size lands in your lap? I turned to the friends who were so instrumental in creating HTTF. This year, there are five groups of talented writers working under a Head Writer in a cyber writers’ room format. Each room has a head writer, and those head writers are the HTTF writers; Matt Furman, Jason Wallach, Ron Podell, Christopher Canole and myself. There are a total of twenty-five writers involved; five groups of five writers. I wish I could name them all!

We have a theme genre, comedy, and a series of deadlines. Each script must be between four to six pages. Why the deadlines? Well, it’s also a competition. There will be an award for the written script, and an award for the scene reading. A great script is inspiring to an actor, and it will be exciting to see how our collaborations will translate in the hands of some talented actors. And yes, that means each script will be filmed as a scene reading and shown at the 2011 AOF Film Festival.

In a landscape of screenwriting competitions, this is a truly unique event. We have writers from Australia, Canada, and the United States all collaborating online. I’m very proud to be a part of something so new, and so original in its excution.

Don’t you want to see what all this effort creates? See you at AOF 2011!


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