Posted by: michellemuldoon | April 26, 2011

A Rendezvous: Production Update

I’m still not sure what happened this weekend. Was it a result of good karma? Were the stars in perfect alignment? Was it just the result of having your ducks in a row? I tend to think a bit of everything, but mostly, I think the weekend shoot for A Rendezvous was a result of finding extremely talented people, and staying out of their way.

The weekend shoot started with Friday evening on a rooftop in the West End of Vancouver, BC. It’s April. It’s the “Wet Coast”. And it was an evening without a cloud in the sky. Standing on the roof of a condominium waiting for the sun to set were Director of Photography, Thomas Billingsley, VFX guru Matt Furman, Producer John Prowse, and myself. The sky was clear, the air was calm, and the temperatures were bearable. We stood, and watched the sky burn red with the setting of the sun over English Bay, and the farthest tip of the mountains. It was spectacular.

This was only a teaser for what was to come on Saturday. Shoot day at Ray Lum Photography (Studio) was a life-changing experience. The facilities were first-rate. The owner, Mr. Ray Lum, was incredibly supportive and accommodating. The crew was hard-working, professional, and a true pleasure to work with. I was incredibly proud to have each and every one of them on the team.

The performances? Oh, my, I’m still amazed by the work I witnessed that day. Catherine Lough Haggquist and Bronwen Smith brought an intensity and vulnerability to their roles that often left the crew speechless. I would yell cut, and there were these moments where no one spoke. We sat for a moment to drink it in, before moving to our next scene set-up. I believe everyone worked so hard, because we all knew, that we were watching something special unfold. Wait till you see their work. I know you’ll be as impressed as we were.

I want to thank everyone on board. And I will list everyone, with their links, in my next post. So, please, stay tuned to read more about the cast and crew that I think you should be calling for your next shoot. Included in that post should be the set photographs.  Our set photgrapher will make you feel like you were right there!

If you would still like to support A Rendezvous, please visit our indiegogo fundraising site.  We will be announcing some new bonus draw prizes soon. Also, the draw for the Associate Producer Credit will occur on May 25th. It’s my birthday, and I thought it would be cool to give someone a gift on that day.

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  1. Michelle,

    Congratulations on getting through the shoot. It can be a grueling process, but in your case the stars were aligned. I’m glad to hear it went well and look forward to seeing your film:)

    • Thanks Aaliyah. I can’t wait to share some of the set photos and stills from the roof. I think you’ll enjoy them. I’m really excited at the chance to share the film with everyone. The cast and crew deserve to have their work seen.


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