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A Rendezvous: Post Continues

So far so good with post-production on A Rendezvous.  I have to say that the locked cut by editor Mauri Bernstein (have I mentioned yet that you should hire her?) is amazing. I worked with her on it, and learned more about editing than I thought possible in one day. Her attention to the finest details of transition was a revelation.

The cut has now gone to Brian Lyster , who’s working on sound design. Brian was also our boom operator and so he knows the master cuts like they were his own, because, well, they are. They’re his expert handiwork. We are very fortunate to have Brian. As I previously mentioned, he’s a nominee for a Leo Award this year. The Leo’s are the BC Film Industry Awards, and they’re a big deal in these parts. Brian is a very talented fellow.

While Brian is working on sound, our guru of visual effects, Matt Furman, is working hard on creating our rooftops out of the images that we took on the roof the night before the shoot. I cannot thank Matt enough for traveling from Colorado Springs to be here for the shoot weekend. He insisted and at the end of the day, none of us could have imagined doing this without him. Matt is incredibly excited about the quality of the footage he’s working with, and that speaks volumes about the talented people who joined the project to make it happen.

We are getting close to the wire on our indiegogo fundraising , with only eight days to go. If you can find it in your heart to support a small production, I can only say, please make it us.

Thanks so much for following our journey.

 Production Manager Madeleine Wilson, Camera Operators Jackson Harper and Travis Logan

Bronwen Smith plays Margie

Catherine Lough Haggquist plays Jordan

All photos courtesy of Michelle Lamberson.



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