Posted by: michellemuldoon | June 16, 2011

Writers’ Room Invitational 2012

The Action On Film Festival.

I’ve blogged previously about the Writers’ Room Invitational Screenplay Competition.  It’s a special event where alumni award-winning writers at The Action On Film (AOF) International Film Festival are invited to join a cyber writers’ room, and develop a collaborative script scene under the direction of a Head Writer. The event is laid out so all groups work through the process under similar protocols, and write in the same genre. It’s a unique experience, and gives writers the chance to work in a group situation that mimics the concept of a true writers’ room.

I’m very proud to be the festival producer for this event. AOF 2011 is coming soon, and all twenty-five writers who comprise our first-ever five team competition will have the opportunity to view their work as filmed scene readings.

Well, you might notice that the title of this post includes the date 2012. That’s because I’m proud to announce that I’ve been asked back to continue the growth of The Writers’ Room Invitational. I’m excited to start the process of building a bigger event for 2012.

The first, and most important task, is to increase our core group of Head Writers. The event is only as good as the people who run each group, and we are truly blessed, at AOF, with writers who are not only extremely talented, but are also exceptional people.

We will be announcing the new team of Head Writers at the AOF 2011 festival. I’m excited to work with our returning Head Writers, and with our new additions. See you in Pasadena in July!


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