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A Rendezvous Down The Stretch

We’re now well into June, and well into post-production on A Rendezvous.  This is my first visual effects heavy short, so every day is a learning day for me, and an additional lesson in patience. The amount of work that goes into the smallest detail is mind-boggling. My hat’s off to our VFX team at Triskelion Productions for working at a feverish pace. This producer has been cracking the whip, and they’ve been working as hard as I’ve asked them to.

We had a little problem last week that has slowed us down a little bit, but this might be a good thing. I’ll explain. We had a narrow availability window with our colourist last week, and we had to have hard drive #2, with the visual effects, on his doorstep last week. However, there were two minor glitches. It wasn’t giving our team enough time to shimmer the water, add some headlights, and make a little smoke. Yes, you read that properly. I’m not blowing smoke, but they’re going to make it. (It’s early, so please excuse the bad puns.)

However, UPS, United Parcel Service, in all their glory, LOST our hard drive. Last week took a good decade off my life. We lost our window of opportunity with one of the top colourists in town. It was heart-breaking. However, something good might have come out of this. Our VFX team now has time to make smoke, shimmer water, and make those headlights  glow, and our colourist might be able to fit us in next week. I’m now crossing multiple digits hoping this works out for the best, and we’ll be presenting to everyone the visually stunning movie that exists in my head, and in the entire post-production team’s hearts.

Cross those digits for us, and in the meantime, here’s some more photos from our journey to make, A Rendezvous.

We start with one of my favorite photos of our stars, Catherine Lough Haggquist, and Bronwen Smith, as they flank producer John Prowse. This was taken at the end of the shoot, and as you can see by the smiles on their faces, it was a long, but very good day.

(Photos courtesy of Marc Baker and Michelle Lamberson)

Actors C.L. Haggquiest and Bronwen Smith flank producer John Prowse


Grip Tim Hall lays out the tar paper floor.

               Grip Tim Hall lays out the tar paper flooring.               

   A screen capture of the first layer from visual effects company Triskelion Productions.

        No more green screen.                            



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