Posted by: michellemuldoon | June 24, 2011

Deadfest at Cold Reading Series

Having your work read publicly is both a frightening and exhilarating experience. Vancouver is fortunate to have  The Cold Reading Series, an event that brings together actors, writers, and musicians, for a wonderful night of shared creativity.

The Cold Reading Series is staged at the wonderful Billy Bishop Royal Canadian Legion Hall. The Billy Bishop, named after the great Canadian fighter pilot who battled The Red Baron, is a wonderful community gathering place with a great little bar that acts as the place to chat and connect at the end of the evening. Lori Triolo and her dedicated band of volunteers  who comprise The Evolving Arts Collective make it a special evening. This event is a very special part of Vancouver’s film community.

Last night, The Cold Reading Series read the first twenty pages Deadfest. This script is a dark comedy that takes us on an odd journey through the smallest, and possibly, worst film festival on the planet. The characters are all a little, shall we say, “off”. I always thought it was funny, but I come from a family that laughs at its own jokes, so what do I know.

I walked to the Billy Bishop last night thinking, “What if no one laughs?”.  A quick lager and lemon when I got there, and I was starting to feel better. We heard a very funny short script, and the Deadfest doubts were creeping in again. Well, thanks to a fabulous cast, I’m happy to say, laughter ensued. To add to the feeling of success, several people asked me if the CRS would be reading more of the script. For me, that was the best compliment of all. Much thanks to everyone involved for a fabulous evening. You made my script come alive, and slayed my fears that Deadfest might end up dead in the water.


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