Posted by: michellemuldoon | August 25, 2011

Writers’ Room Invitational 2012

It’s been roughly one month since the 2011 Action On Film International Film Festival (AOF) concluded, and preparations continue to roll along in the hopes of exceeding the success of the first year of the Writers’ Room Invitational.

For those who might not know, The Writers’ Room came out of the first collaborative scene written by a group of award-winning alumni writers. The scene screened as a scene reading at the 2010 AOF Festival, and spawned a new event for AOF. That event was introduced in 2011 as The Writers’ Room Invitational.

We began this year with five teams of five writers. Next year, our goal is twelve teams of five writers. That’s right, we’re going from twenty-five, to sixty participants. The pool of writers we draw from are award-winning, and runner-up writers from the AOF. Participants don’t pay to be a part of the event. It’s another way that Action On Film gives back to the writing community that has grown out of the on-going eight year festival.

The success of the Writers’ Room hinges on the expertise of each group’s Head Writer. Without them, we are nothing. They must be patient, generous with their time, great storytellers, and gifted group managers. I couldn’t be more excited to announce the team that has come on board as the Head Writers for 2012. We are very fortunate to have them all, but I would be remiss in not sending out a heartfelt thank you to our returnees. These men have been rock-solid friends, and colleagues and I cannot thank them enough for both signing on to the first year, and agreeing to come back for a second go-around.

Here is the list of twelve of the best people you would ever want to write with. My thanks to you all for your kindness, friendship, generosity of spirit, and gift of talent.



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