Posted by: michellemuldoon | September 3, 2011

Write On!

As I wait for our compositor’s schedule to free up in order to complete A Rendezvous, I find myself finally ready to sit down and write again.  I am, if nothing else, consistent; consistent with putting off something I should have started a long time ago.  

While slogging through post-production of a film, I find sitting down, and writing, almost impossible. But the delay in completing A Rendezvous forces me to tackle this failing head on. 

Three months ago I did something that has turned the beginning of September into a pressure date.  I booked a script consult with the only script instructor and consultant I would ever turn to. I booked an advanced consult with Pilar Alessandra at On The Page Script Consulting for mid-October.

There is no one I trust more than Pilar Alessandra. I played around with writing screenplays before I met her, but it is with Pilar that I became a writer. Her insightful feedback, honest and forthright communication, and her genuine concern for the success of her students has made her indispensable to my process. I can’t imagine not sending her my first draft. She provides the objective feedback that’s crucial to the second draft.

So, I’m penned into her schedule for October, and it’s now time to get my act together if I’m going to get three acts written before my appointment date comes around.  The process of advance booking the appointment forces me to write on deadline, and  my own inclination to procrastinate is dealt a very deadly blow.

Does this kind of system work for everyone? Probably not, but booking with someone I trust to give me the best possible advice on a screenplay is the “kick in the pants” I have to admit I  need. The proof of its effectiveness is in the pudding, and the evidence of Pilar Alessandra’s skill as a script consultant can be found in the Recognition section of this website. Without her, that page wouldn’t exist.


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