Posted by: michellemuldoon | September 10, 2011

Wendell Finster Wins One

Prince Edward Island International Film Festival

I am very excited and pleased to announce that “Who’s Got Wendell Finster?” was named the Audience Choice Award winner for the Screenplay Reading at the 2011 Prince Edward Island International Film Festival.  I’m so very grateful to learn that I’m not the only one enamoured by my geeky little protagonist’s struggle to win his high school’s Gotcha game, and find acceptance at school and at home.

The script was inspired by one of the high schools I coached volleyball at. Every year I would curse under my breath that I would have to endure another week of the grad Gotcha game. Trying to get your team to focus on practice, when all they want to talk about was Gotcha, was always a struggle. So, I turned one of life’s little challenges into a screenplay. It might be the first time I’ve actually written “something I know”.

While Wendell, the characters, and the story are a complete fabrication, the game’s rules are similar to the rules I recall. Now that I look back on it, I wish I had the chance to play the game when I was in high school, not that I could ever have admitted to it at the time.


  1. Well this is certainly news worth sharing! Congrats!

    • Thanks. It was really great to find out that the audience liked what they heard.


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