Posted by: michellemuldoon | September 15, 2011

Pocket of Heaven Posted

I know that it’s been a year since we shot this video one sunny Sunday in May, but some things are definitely worth revisiting.

I met The Land of Deborah approximately five years ago. It was at a Women In Film and Television Vancouver Christmas party. The setting was lovely, and the atmosphere festive. I only knew a couple of people, and was nervous about making small talk. I was new, and hadn’t done a lot, so I didn’t feel like I had a lot to talk about. There was one spot in the room that looked like a little calm island amidst all the crazy holiday cheer, and that was the one occupied by Deborah and her husband. She was characteristically “chill” to all the hubbub.

I walked over, we chatted, and we realized we had a lot in common. The three of us have been friends ever since.

I believe in Deborah’s talent, both as a singer and songwriter. She’s “my” composer for my short films. At least I like to say “my”, but the truth is, I am ecstatic to share her and make her “everyone’s”. She deserves to be seen, to be hired as a composer as well as a singer/songwriter, and to have her work enjoyed by everyone. The woman has serious skills.

Please visit the VIDEO page of this website and enjoy our first video adventure together. We shot this on a Canon 5D. It was a civilized shoot; we stopped for tea, had a lovely sitdown lunch at the dining room table, and packed the gear up by 5:00pm.

The video was beautifully shot by Director of Photography, Thomas Billingsley. Yes, I like to think of him as “my” DP, as well. But you know, I’m in a sharing mood, and this guy deserves to be busy, busy, busy.  Not so busy, though, that he won’t be back on one of my sets soon.

I hope you enjoy Pocket of Heaven, as much as I still do.



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