Posted by: michellemuldoon | September 30, 2011

A Rendezvous In Compositing

The first promotional logo for A Rendezvous. Created by Pam Wells.

I know it feels like forever since we started this journey, but I believe that if the journey is challenging, then the pay-off at the end is going to be truly wonderful.

We hit a snag in our post process when we needed to find a second (local) compositor that could hep finish the film. The challenge has been finding a way to get this done, when it wasn’t a stage that initially required budgeting. I’m happy to say, mission accomplished.

With the help of Bill Dwelly, the Head of Visual Effects/Game Art and Design at  VanArts (Vancouver Institute of Media Arts) , we’ve found and brought on board Harsh Mistry, one of the top graduates in this year’s class.

The production team feels we’re very fortunate to have found Harsh, and we know the film couldn’t be in better hands. 

I can’t wait to see  the magic he’ll bring to the completion of A Rendezvous.

(The above image designed by Pam Wells)



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