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Crazy 8’s

Crazy 8’s is a Vancouver institution; respected, admired, and very well supported by the community. What is Crazy 8’s? It’s a film competition, and celebration of collaboration.  Six filmmakers will be chosen to make their short film in eight days, with much of what they require provided by the event.  One week later, the local film community will fill a theatre to watch and celebrate the accomplishment.

The event sponsors include; Telefilm Canada, Finale Editworks, Side Street Post, the CBC, The BC Film Commission, Trew Audio, William F. Whites, and the list goes on and on. The event provides story editing services, grip, lighting and sound gear, a camera package, insurance, and $1000.00. The cash helps to cover costs such as a truck for the gear, food for cast and crew, and whatever else the filmmaker needs to pay for.

The number of filmmakers that apply is staggering. The first step in narrowing down the list is a visual five-minute pitch. I don’t know about you, but a video pitch seems quite frightening to me. The camera doesn’t provide feedback. It doesn’t extend a hand on meeting you, tell you that you’re on the right track, or smile when you’ve hit a home run. It’s the toughest sell you’re ever going to make.

And I’m hoping to make it this week. The first round is due next Monday. And my fear of the camera (hey, I’m a writer, remember?) is about to meet its biggest test.  Pitching is hard enough as it is, but pitching to a Canon 7D isn’t something they teach you in workshops.

Being a part of Crazy 8’s is worth facing my fear of being in front of the camera.  It’s not the great gear pack, or incredible support they give a filmmaker that makes it worthwhile. No, it’s something more; it’s being a part of a community of excellent filmmakers, it’s sitting in a packed house with my peers, and sharing my work, and most of all, it’s working with people I respect and value.

There’s a lot of people in this city that make great film. Wish me luck. I’m going to need it.

Crazy 8's Short Film Competition



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