Posted by: michellemuldoon | January 25, 2012

Every Movie’s A Circus

A circus tent.

Not many people know this, but as much as I love film, my great early love is musical theatre. I’m not a closeted talent. I can’t sing, even in the shower. I could never be an actor, the fear would paralyze me.  And dancing? Again, is the apartment empty, and the curtains drawn? Then sure, let’s shake that groove thang.

The truth is, I love musical theatre because of the mind-blowing talent it takes to be a triple threat. It mesmerizes me.

I re-introduced myself to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Sunset Boulevard this week. What could be better than a musical about film, right? How about a musical about film when it was made up of people who, as one song says, “gave the world new ways to dream”.

The history of film is filled with great dreams, great stars, and great tragedies.  Is Sunset Boulevard really there to swallow the unwary? Is it the destination for the stoney hearted?  The shear grandiosity of it all is what I love.  It says so much about those early days; the audacity, and gumption it took to succeed. I want to be a part of an industry where the struggle to find the greatness within rewards the most daring amongst us. 

If, as one song from the show says, “every movie’s a circus”, then sign me up. I’ll walk the tightrope. Need someone to stand in front of the knife thrower? I’m your gal! I’ll even clean out the elephant cage if I have to,  just let me hang out under the big tent for a while. I never wanted to run away to the circus when I was a kid, but now, well, that’s a different story. Sign me up. I was made for this circus. Just give me the chance, and you’ll see, I’ll give you new ways to dream.



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