Posted by: michellemuldoon | February 18, 2012

Women On Top

I rarely blog on a weekend, but after reading an article in The Globe and Mail today, I feel compelled to share it. Columnist Johanna Schneller wrote a compelling column comparing the box-office of Oscar nominated actresses to that of Oscar nominated actors, and the results are not only surprising, but some would suggest, shocking.

“Now, let’s look at the North American grosses. The top three films starring actress nominees were The Help, Bridesmaids and Dragon Tattoo, which made $170-million, $169-million and $101-million respectively (all figures U.S.). The top three films starring actor nominees were Moneyball, The Descendants and Extremely Loud, which made $75.6-million, $71-million and $29.5-million respectively”

To Ms. Schneller’s credit, she doesn’t limit the scope of the article. She has a keen eye for the big picture and points out the differences between the Academy Award Nominations, and the courting of that prized demographic, young males.  Films starring women might not get the box-office of a Tom Cruise Mission Impossible franchise film, but there was a time where a movie headlined by women was neither a box-office, or awards season, success.

Is this progress? Yes, if people in a position of power notice. As Ms. Schneller points out, there are less films being made, and less roles for women, every year. The industry is changing. My hope is, that the progress we are making will lead us to a land where film is noticed for being film, not for being a chick flick, a gay film, a film for persons of colour, etc, etc…

In the meantime, numbers don’t lie. 2012 really is the year of the woman, if you’re looking for a quality film, that can also translate to box-office success.

Oscar and the money: It’s girls on top



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