Posted by: michellemuldoon | April 6, 2012

A Rendezvous: So Very Close

The Vancouver skyline from the West End.

Photo by Thomas Billingsley

It’s been a long time coming, but the end of the journey is finally visible on the horizon. When our workflow plan broke down for this film, we had to make some changes. I admit, I started to doubt if we could find the finish line. The real tough spot for us has always been compositing. I made the decision to stick with the plates we had, because going back to square one, would be daunting after all we’ve been through.

Finding a compositor with free time is a challenge in a city loaded with genre productions, and more gaming companies than anywhere else in the world. We would find one, and then work would pull him away. Enter into the picture, Mario Forero. He made a committment to the film, and even though he’s got work on his plate, he’s promised to help us see this to the end. We’re very lucky to have found him.

Also on-board is our colourist, Jason Cooper, or as he prefers to be called, Cooper. The man of one name, but many talents, is a wealth of information, and experience. He’s brought a great deal of knowledge to the project, and I’m very thankful for his contributions. You can find out more about Cooper at the link attached.

We still have a few shots that require a second pass for compositing, but Mario will be on it next week. Cooper has already colour balanced most of the other shots, so that the time between compositing appointments has been used wisely.

We shot A Rendezvous on April 23, 2011. We should be finished the film by the end of April. It’s been a long year, but once we’re done, it will be one I’m going to be proud of, more for the effort of everyone involved than anything else. I’ve found a group of people who have been willing to take the hard route with me, and I honestly can’t thank them enough. They’re all a blessing.



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