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“On The Page” Podcasts Wendell Finster

It’s always gratifying when someone tells you they like a script, but how does it feel when they tell you they like your opening scene direction? I can now tell you, it feels just as great.

Pilar Alessandra of On The PagePilar Alessandra of On The Page Script Consulation and Screenwriting Classes has taught me everything I know about screenwriting. Yes, I admit I read the occassional screenwriting book, but it’s Pilar’s approach that is the foundation of everything I write.  So, when I received an email last week asking if she could use some of my work on her very popular podcast series (available for free on iTunes), I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

This week’s podcast is on great scene direction. The show features Pilar, her husband, writer Pat Francis, and writer Alex Cramer discussing what they consider to be great scene direction. After playing a game of “Name that Script”, they move on to a sampling of work from Pilar’s clients.

The opening of “Who’s Got Wendell Finster?” made the grade. This is how the script opens:


Old skater shoes, tattered beyond the point of cool, run, stumble. HEAVY BREATHING accompanies every plodding step.

The empty street lies ahead of WENDELL FINSTER (16); sweatsoaked shaggy hair sits atop a lanky frame and a “Howdy Doody” face.

Over his shoulder, JACOB MARTIN (18), handsome, the stud missile of the school football team, catches up with every smooth sprinting stride. He taunts Wendell as he runs.

If you want to know why Pilar likes this opening, check out the PODCAST.  As if one shout out wasn’t already generous, “Who’s Got Wendell Finster?” is mentioned a second time towards the end of the show. A little positive reinforcement goes a long way, but I think this counts as more than a little.

If you want to read all the recommended scene directions, you can find them on MEDIAFIRE.





  1. It IS nice to be validated by a professional. We beat ourselves up enough. 🙂

    • We certainly do! I think today is a good day to take a break from the self-flagellation, and enjoy this wonderful sunny feeling.


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