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Cold Reading Series 2012

A script reading series known for great performances and a great time at the Billy Bishop Legion in Vancouver, BC.

The Cold Reading Series (THE CRS) is an institution in Vancouver.  An arts event that has been running for nineteen years (YES! I said nineteen years) is a miracle in today’s tough times, and that’s thanks to the hard work, and dedication by a group of truly exceptional volunteers. It’s a joy to attend every Thursday night, and an honour to have your work read.

The CRS is run by The Evolving Arts Collective. While the word “collective” tells it all, I would be remiss in not acknowledging the leadership of Lori Triolo and Colin Speir. They are the glue that binds this event, and I don’t know if we say “thank you” enough.

I think I’ll be saying “thank you” a lot this Thursday night. I’m excited to announce that The Baby Pool will receive its first act reading this Thursday night (July 4th, 2012) at The Billy Bishop Legion in Kitsilano, Vancouver, BC. The Billy Bishop is a special place. It’s a little bit of a throwback in a neighbourhood turned trendy. It’s important to support our veterans, so when you come to The CRS you’re not only supporting the artistic process, but an important part of Canadian culture. 

And as an aside, yes, after making a big deal about how much I loved the title Baby, Game On!, I switched back to The Baby Pool. While many smart and talented people suggested I was wrong to go with Baby, Game On!, when your writing mentor says switch back, you do it. Where’s the hot sauce, I’ve got some crow to eat.

Come down to The Billy this Thursday night, have a beer, or two, and enjoy a night of readings by a wonderful group of actors.

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