Posted by: michellemuldoon | August 10, 2012

A Rendezvous: Official Trailer

THE OFFICIAL TRAILER for A RENDEZVOUS is now available on our video page.

I hope you enjoy the trailer enough to go to YouTube, hit that “like” button, and leave a comment. It all helps in the strange new world known as social media marketing. We’d really appreciate the help.

The trailer was cut by editor, Mauri Bernstein, with music by  The Land of Deborah. I can’t thank either of these women enough for the gift of their talent, their creativity, and their friendship.

Our theme song, Taken, is available on Deborah’s album, IN. I’ve heard this song numerous times, and it still gives me goosebumps. It’s a wonderful album, and I strongly recommend it. Pick it up at CD Baby, and tell them Michelle sent you.

You can find Mauri and Deborah’s websites on the blogroll. Please visit, and say hello.

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