Posted by: michellemuldoon | August 13, 2012

2012 Hot Shots Top 15

Celluloid Social Club

Wonderful news for my short screenplay, Happily Never After. The script was named to the list of top 15 submissions at the Hot Shots Shorts Contest put on by The Celluloid Social Cub in Vancouver, BC. Hot Shots V is made possible by the support of William F Whites International Inc and a host of other sponsors. The sponsorship list is extensive, and shows just how collaborative and supportive the film community in Vancouver is.

From the Website:

The purpose of the Contest is to provide sponsorship and monetary support to an exceptional local short film script that might not otherwise have the opportunity to be made into a film.

The Contest was founded by Ed Brando (William F White International Inc.), Paul Armstrong (Celluloid Social Club), Aaron Houston (‘Sunflower Hour’) & Scott Campbell.

Hot Shots seasons 1 through 4 have produced some wonderful films, including last year’s The Money Pet, by Gary Hawes.  I’m excited to have gotten this far in the event. It’s a real honor to make the short list.


  1. You are definitely rolling!. Congratulations!

    • The roll has slowed down slightly, but with festival results still to come, I’m looking forward to it picking up again. The calm before the storm?


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