Posted by: michellemuldoon | September 13, 2012

A Rendezvous Plays Movieville Int’l Film Festival

Movieville Intn'l FF Logo

I am excited to announce that A Rendezvous will receive its third screening in two months when it screens at the Movieville International Film Festival in Sarasota, FL, on September 22, in the 1:30 block.

Movieville takes place in Sarasota from September 21st to September 23rd, 2012. The event includes a showbiz expo, opening night party, beach party, and closing awards gala. The festival is supported by the Sarasota Film Society. From the festival’s website:

The overall theme of the film festival will be to celebrate and showcase the Beauty and the Uniqueness of Sarasota, with the exhibition of high quality noteworthy new and groundbreaking motion pictures, Short Features and documentaries at the Sarasota Film Society’s Burns Court Cinema Complex in association with their “Spotlight” series.  It will be an inclusive film festival embracing filmmakers from all ethnic backgrounds and communities, both U.S. and International.

I know all of us involved with the film are thankful to be included with a great slate of projects at Movieville. If you’re in Sarasota, please check out the festival, and support a great community event.

Update:I couldn’t be more shocked, and excited to share that A Rendezvous has received a Best Director nomination at Movieville. The category includes five feature film directors, and two short film directors.  What an honour.



  1. Very exciting. Congratulations!

    • Thank you Nancy. So wonderful to hear from you, and know you’re keeping tabs on our little film.


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