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End of Year Thanks 2012


We sit on the cusp of the end of one year, and the start of a new one filled with the promise of the unknown; an uncertainty we fill with the stuff of hopes and dreams. A year ago, 2012 was the great unknown, but as time passed, the year filled in with challenges, successes, the lessons of failures, and the joy of the effort to make dreams a reality. Along the way, there are people to be thankful for. Without them, there would be no laughter, no celebration, and no shoulders to lean on when the struggle to become more than we are, appears to be more than we can handle. So, today I give thanks. Today, I try to remember who, and what, made the year something more than it might have been. If I’ve missed someone, my apologies. I am no less grateful for having you in my life.

  • To Del and Theresa Weston, a perpetual, huge, thank you. The founding family of The Action on Film (AOF) International Film Festival is probably on the thank you list of a lot of filmmakers. They encourage, support, and nurture a lot of people. My life is richer for having them in it. And I know I’m not the only one.
  • To Pilar Alessandra, another lifetime member of my appreciation club, thank you. I write, because I can. I dream of more, because Pilar has made me believe in the possibilities of where writing can take me.
  • To Mauri Bernstein, editor and puppeteer extraordinaire. When post-production on A Rendezvous broke down and finishing seemed impossible, Mauri never abandoned me. She stuck with me, and the project. And guess what, we made a film.
  • To the “Magnificent Sixteen”, the Head Writers of The Writers Room Invitational, a massive heartfelt, thank you. The Writers Room is an alumni event at the AOF International Film Festival. it’s an event for writers, by writers, and would not happen without the participation of the following people (in no particular order): Christopher Canole, Jason Wallach, Ron Podell, Melva McLean, Angela Crosato, Aaliyah Miller, Melanie Turner, Richard Moon, Warren Hull, Ken Lemm, Maggie Franks, Joan Macbeth, P.H. Wells, Matt Meadath, Steve Karageanes, and Neil Chase.
  • To Lori Triolo and The Cold Reading Series, a humble and appreciative thank you. If AOF is my Los Angeles Film Family, then The Cold Reading Series (CRS) is my Vancouver Film Family. Once a week, all summer long, I spend an evening with writers and actors at the CRS. The environment is warm, friendly, and supportive. People are there to encourage each other to keep writing, keep honing their skills, and keep chasing after the dreams that make life worth living. Lori Triolo and Colin Speer lead a group of volunteers who make every evening something to look forward to.
  • To Kim Barsanti of Muse Artist Management, thank you for all your support, and encouragement while I was struggling to complete A Rendezvous. It meant a great deal to know you believed in the project.
  • Joan Macbeth, and Melva McLean. You are two women who push me, encourage me, work with me, and are always there to share a drink in good times and bad. You’ve supported my film projects, and propped me up when the sting of disappointment has clouded my day. Ladies, you rock!
  • To my family, thank you for indulging me my whole life. Some people live in families where they are expected to become doctors or lawyers, where there’s a slight stench of disappointment  in the air when you say you want to pursue a career in something as risky as film. But not in my family.  I’m not the flighty or eccentric aunt in my family, I’m the cool one. Who knew that would ever happen?!?
  • To my friends, you know who you are. Some of you have stuck around for over twenty years, and I’m amazed at how lucky I am to know honest, steadfast, generous, talented people. Life is worth waking up to because the day will be populated by encounters with you. Thank you.

To all of you, and more, I say THANK YOU. To 2013,  I promise to meet you head on, to face the challenges that cross my path, to do the heavy lifting when I have to, and to stop and feel the warmth of silent joy when moments call for it.

May you all see the stuff of dreams become the details of your life in 2013.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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