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Hollywood Scriptwriter Article: Katrin Bowen

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Last October, following the 2012 Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF), I sat down with writer/director Katrin Bowen for a chat on behalf of Hollywood Scriptwriter. I wanted to learn about the journey that led her to a successful debut for her most recent film, Random Acts of Romance starring Amanda Tapping, Robert Moloney, Laura Bertram and Zak Santiago.

Katrin was wonderfully candid, and a pleasure to chat with. The lessons of that conversation have been summed up in an article published this week in Hollywood Scriptwriter, a subscription only publication based in Burbank, CA.

Nothing is Random……………… The Crafting of Director Katrin Bowen’s Career

“To me just say you’re going to do something,
and not do it, is the worst thing you
can do.”
— Katrin Bowen
This is the story of a good Mennonite girl, named Katrin Bowen, who discovers that telling stories in a visual medium is all she ever wants to do, even if it means she isn’t a good Mennonite girl anymore. “When people ask me what has been the challenge for you as a filmmaker, I think for me it was just working through my childhood and overcoming these religious beliefs that were really pushed on me.”

Just to be clear, this is also the story of an actor, writer, and director who has an unsurpassed passion for film, who believes in the exploration of the human condition through the visual arts, and who never ever will forget the people who take the journey with her: the people willing to take the hard route to make a project happen.

If you’d like to read the rest of the article, please feel free to subscribe at the link, Shop Hollywood Scriptwriter.



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