Posted by: michellemuldoon | March 5, 2013

BravoFACT 2013


This morning I made the short trek to my local Canada Post to mail a BravoFACT application for the first quarter funding period of 2013.  Normally, I might not post about mailing out an application for funding. After all, there are roughly 150 applicants for every funding period, and approximately five grants awarded. The odds aren’t necessarily in my favour so why post about something so difficult to attain?

The answer; people. In particular, the people who joined me in the month-long accumulation of CV’s, demo reels, bio’s, budget quotes, location scouting, and grip/lighting/camera decisions. Whether or not we receive financing has nothing to do with the gratitude I feel for the support I received during the process.

Yep, you guessed it, this is the part where I list who they are, and how grateful I am for their support and assistance. In no particular order:

  • Director of Photography: Thomas Billingsley. This man is not only a great DoP, he’s a wonderful collaborator. If he isn’t on my set, he should be on yours.
  • Producer: Linda McIntyre of Per Ardua Productions. She took time out of establishing her Cinecoup entry to help me with me bid for BravoFACT financing.
  • Grip/Lighting Supplier: William F. White‘s own, Ed Brando.  He’s there to support the small productions as professionally as any big one. Ed is not only helpful, but goes the extra mile for the independent producers in town.  He’s a real class act.
  • Editing: Lisa Binkley, for introducing me to Sarah Cruise.  I needed an editor for a dramatic narrative short, and I asked Lisa, who is presently busy with the CTV drama, Motive. Lisa connected me to Sarah Cruise. Even though she was across the pond on a trip, Sarah was still quick to come on board. My thanks to both these women.
  • Lead Actor: John Prowse. John was my first choice for this part when I wrote it over a year ago, and that decision has never been in question. I’m looking forward to watching him “Brad” to life.
  • Lead Actress: Shauna Johannesen. When I first saw Shauna perform, my sides hurt from laughing so hard. Then I saw her dramatic work on Motive, and I wasn’t laughing. I was too amazed at how talented, and versatile this woman is. “Claire” is in wonderful hands.
  • Composer: The Land of Deborah. Deborah has been my composer since the very beginning of my film journey. We always seem to be on the same page. She “gets” what I’m trying to do, and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.
  • Super Collaborator Extraordinaire: Mauri Bernstein. Mauri will be on the sound team for the project, but I’d prefer to discuss who she is, and how she’s become my go-to-gal for almost anything and everything. She’s there, always, offering help on tech issues, story issues, and anything else I might need.  Check Mauri out on her website, and hire her. It’s the smart thing to do.

In three months we’ll find out if we’re filming “Happily Never After”.  Regardless of the result, the process of putting together a team, and an application, is a lesson worth learning, and a skill worth practicing. Let’s hope the end result is worthy of this exceptional group of people.


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