Posted by: michellemuldoon | April 25, 2013

A Rendezvous is… “Available”

A Rendezvous has continued to have a life of its own thanks to the feature film, Available.

Michael Gibrall, a fellow writer and filmmaker has embarked on the production of his first feature film, titled, Available. The script is a multiple award-winning comedy that can best be described as My Big Fat Greek Wedding meets The Way We Were.

Michael has worked hard to finance the film, using his success in screenplay competitions, film festivals, and online script services to build the kind of credibility a investor would want to see. He has done an excellent job in building the business of his film.

Michael recently sent out an email to fellow filmmakers for a request for film posters they would like to donate to Available. One of the characters has a room adorned with movie posters, and instead of using studio films, he chose to support his community by using the posters from independent films his friends and colleagues have made. The poster from A Rendezvous made the cut.

My thanks go out to Michael Gibrall and everyone involved with Available.I’m excited to see the finished film.  I have to admit, there’s going to be a little extra buzz when I see our contribution to the film on-screen.

Thank you to Michael Gibrall for supporting independent filmmakers and for including A Rendezvous in his feature film debut. If you’d like to read more about Michael Gibrall and Available, please check out the next issue of Hollywood Scriptwriter.



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