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Hollywood Scriptwriter: On “Breaking In”

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“There are tectonic shifts in the underpinning of the industry.”– Bill True

As the saying goes, there’s no business like show business, and if the truism refers to the act of “Breaking In” to the film and television industry, it’s spot on.  This is the focus of my second column for Hollywood Scriptwriter Magazine: a subscription based online publication that released its spring edition on Friday, May 10, 2013.

The article introduces you to three men who are in various stages of developing their skills and craft as writers and producers. Bill True won the 2006 Austin Film Festival Award for his debut feature film, Runaway. If you want to read “True-isms”, then this guy has a ton of them. His experience and knowledge paves the way for the discussion.

Richard Moon is currently promoting the release of his first feature film, Driving By Braille, on DVD. Richard is a writer who began producing out of necessity, only to discover it’s something he has a real passion for.

Michael Gibrall has just begun his  journey as a writer/producer. He’s now in production on his first feature film, his own award-winning screenplay, Available.

All three writers speak to the value of taking control of the production of their own material, not only to “Break In”, but to garner the respect that might not otherwise be afforded a spec writer without a feature film credit.

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“Market yourself and your script. Create your own webpage. Create a Facebook page and market you and your script, list your script on, and never stop marketing.” — Michael Gibrall


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