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“A Rendezvous” Online

The A Rendezvous journey has been a tough one, filled with many lessons, and ultimately with great satisfaction. As of today, you can find A Rendezvous online, both on the Paisley Media You Tube Channel and on this website’s Video Page.

We filmed in one day at Ray Lum Photography with two incredible talents, Bronwen Smith and Catherine Lough Haggquist. That was the easy part. Trying to produce a short film, fully composited, on what would turn out to be a meager budget, was far more of a challenge than I think any of us suspected. It took a while, but with the generous support of friends and family, and the gifts of labour by some very kind and talented people, the film completed last year.

What has been gratifying about this short has been the conversations that it tends to trigger. Sometimes they are uncomfortable, other times illuminating, and most often bluntly honest about how people interpret what the film means.

I wrote A Rendezvous one day while I was waiting for an appointment. The individual kept me waiting an hour and a forty-five minutes. The only reason I stayed that long was because I decided I could use the time in a writing exercise; pick a location, put two people in it, and see what happens.

What happened was a commentary on connection, and intimacy.  I believe that the connection we all crave, the connection to our community, our friends, someone we can relate to, is often right in front of us, but because we so rigidly define what form we think it should take, we miss it. Without an intimate connection to another person, to someone we can talk to, someone who understands us, we all lose our way.

This is what A Rendezvous is about.  Jordan and Margie are looking for that connection, but they are so hell bent on believing it doesn’t exist, that they struggle to realize they’ve found it in each other. I hope I haven’t spoiled this for you. I truly hope you enjoy A Rendezvous enough to share it, and talk about it.  Thank you.

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