Posted by: michellemuldoon | June 6, 2013

Cold Reading Series: Season 20

A script reading series known for great performances and a great time at the Billy Bishop Legion in Vancouver, BC.

It’s that time of year; flowers bloom, the sun shines, the snow slowly disappears from Vancouver’s North Shore mountains, and writers and actors make their weekly trek to The Cold Reading Series.

The CRS is an institution of the Vancouver creative community headed by Lori Triolo.  Lori organizes a group of volunteers who are generous with their time, and passionate about supporting the creative community in Vancouver.

By now you know I’m a big fan of this event. Every Monday night the volunteer staff of The CRS casts actors on the spot to read up to thirty pages at a time of screenplays, teleplays, short scripts, and stage plays. It’s instant, organic, and a ton of fun.  There’s even a little mid-point interlude where singer/songwriters are given time to test out two or three new songs on a crowd bigger than some might play for regularly. It’s a great evening of creative sharing, and I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to go.

This year, for it’s twentieth season, the event is moving to The Backstage Lounge, a great nightspot for good food, great drinks, and a lively music scene. You can feel the positive creative vibe the minute you walk in the door.

The CRS accepts scripts from writers all summer. They aren’t looking for the most polished scripts. The goal is to provide a venue for writers to hear their words, gather feedback, and provide the impetus to further hone the work, and their craft. Best of all, it’s a place where writers, producers, and actors can meet, share a drink and a laugh, and get to know each other a little better.

Do you need to consider yourself creative to come out? Heck, no! The admission is a suggested $5.00 donation, come one, come all. Where in town can you get this much entertainment for that little a price. It’s a win win for everyone.

I’ve been very fortunate to have my work read the last two seasons. It’s helped me with subsequent drafts, not only with dialogue, but with continuity. I don’t just listen for how an actor reads the lines, I gauge the room for desired responses in the right places in the script. It helps me find the flat points in the story, and trim the fat that weighs the screenplay down. I know some writers get hung up on the casting. They shouldn’t. Sometimes the wrong actor for the part is the right actor to show you where you’re going wrong.

I encourage every screenwriter and playwright to submit to The Cold Reading Series, and I encourage everyone to attend. It’s a fun evening, and best of all, it supports local Vancouver talent.

See you at The Backstage Lounge on Monday, June 10th for the start of, what will be, a fabulous 20th season.


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