Posted by: michellemuldoon | June 24, 2013

Birthday Blues at Cold Reading Series


My latest feature screenplay, Birthday Blues, will have its first twenty-six pages read tonight at Vancouver’s Cold Reading Series; held all summer long at The Backstage Lounge.

This is the first time I’ve submitted a true first draft, so I have to admit, I’m quite nervous. It’s not nerves in the traditional sense, but more like nerves before a competition; that wonderful combination of excitement, apprehension, and expectation tinged with just a little accent of fear. You know that fear, the one that says, “What if it sucks. What if I suck.”

That kind of fear can either cripple you, or inspire you. I choose the latter. As a young athlete it might have been the other way around, but as I’ve aged I’ve come to realize that everything is fixable, and no failure is insurmountable. That’s made it easier to embrace the excitement of the moment.

In the past I’ve submitted drafts to The Cold Reading Series that had more polish, so I had some certainty that the script was in pretty good shape, and the rewrites to come would be less daunting. Only one person has read Birthday Blues in its entirety, and while the feedback was good, it still needs work. Tonight begins the process of determining how much.

Thank you to everyone at The Cold Reading Series, and to all the actors who come out and give it their all. Casting starts tonight at 7:30, while live readings begin at 8PM. There’s a musical guest, great food, and as always, good beer. All this for a $5.00 donation to the event.  What else would you want to do on a Monday night?

Visit The Backstage Lounge tonight and check out The Cold Reading Series, now in its twentieth season. It’s more fun than a person should have on a Monday night.




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