Posted by: michellemuldoon | July 11, 2013

Cold Reading Series: Birthday Blues Act 2

A script reading series known for great performances and a great time at the Billy Bishop Legion in Vancouver, BC.

I am beyond excited to share that Act 2 of Birthday Blues will be a part of the program at The Cold Reading Series this coming Monday, July 15th.  The first act was read two week’s ago and the feedback was excellent, both as an impression of the work, and in the notes I received. I cannot stress enough to writers how important it is to hear the dialogue read aloud in the hands of actors. You get a strong sense of what works, and what doesn’t.  When you have an added bonus of being able to hear and see an audience respond to those words, the experience becomes invaluable.

It’s the summer. It’s a Monday night. And it’s the place to be in Vancouver, BC. Come on out to The Backstage Lounge, grab a nosh and a cold bevvie. Share a laugh. Feel free to gasp. It’s script reading time, and you’re all invited to episode five of season 20 of The Cold Reading Series.



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