Posted by: michellemuldoon | July 25, 2013

Cold Reading Series: Birthday Blues Act 3

The journey will come full circle on Monday, July 29th when Act 3 of Birthday Blues will be handed over to the fine actors of The Cold Reading Series so that they can work their creative magic. The three acts have been cold casted and read over the last six weeks. The spacing between acts has afforded me time to ponder notes, consider performances, and basically mull over where the next draft might go with this self-contained “whodunnit”.

And that’s the point of the exercise, isn’t it? When a script has a successful reading, it’s hard not to want to pat yourself on the back and procrastinate in the rewrite. After all, didn’t everyone love the reading? Didn’t they hang on every word? Well, not quite, but I’d love to think they did. A cold reading is the best way to take notes. It’s out of the writer’s hands and that might be the most important part. The more we control, the more we hide or deny the flaws in the work. At this stage of a script’s development, it’s best to see the warts, and then hunker down to figure out how you’re going to get rid of them.

I look forward to this last day, not just because I love watching actors work their magic with my words, but because it will allow me to look at previous notes and determine if they’re still warranted when the whole script is brought into focus. I’ll be able to start the rewrite which, you might be surprised to learn, I’m looking forward to. And more than anything, it will bring me one step closer to a polished screenplay, which in turn, brings me one step closer to making a feature film.

The Cold Reading Series is a community of creative souls. It’s a fun way to spend a Monday night. And for every writer who has their work read, it’s a tool to build a career with.

Pick up a hammer. Pocket some nails. It’s the writer’s version of a barn raising, and I could really use your help. See you Monday. And don’t forget… there will even be beer.




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