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The Action On Film International Film Festival (AOF) is in the can for another year, and once again, it didn’t disappoint. AOF is like going home. It’s a relaxed festival, where it’s easy to meet writers and filmmakers, distributors, and actors. I’ve been to other festivals, and none come close to the openness I experience at this one.

What makes AOF special? It starts at the top with festival founder and organizer Del Weston, and his wife Theresa. They know your film and your script and they genuinely want to know you.  They set a standard of approachability, and friendliness that is mirrored by everyone present.

Why should writers enter AOF next year? Alright, I’m going to be extremely biased here, so bear with me. AOF is about community, and specifically, a writers’ community. Festivals often treat writers like a cash grab; submit your script and count yourselves lucky that there’s one or two awards squished between the film awards at the banquet. That’s not the way it is at AOF.

On the Wednesday night of the festival there’s a writers’ gathering. It’s a free event where you can meet other writers and hang out and chat. Oh, and there’s a great spread put on for free. They don’t nickel and dime you. It’s also the night we award the winners of The Writers Room. On the Thursday night there’s a full banquet for the writers’ awards. It’s a special night, and the highlight of the festival for purveyors of the written word. I’ve had the pleasure of sitting next to someone who has never won an award before, never been treated this respectfully before, and it’s a joy to see the realization that at this festival, they matter.

I mentioned the Writers Room, an event unique in film festival circles. Again, I’m biased as I run it, but I have to say there’s nothing like it out there. We are volunteer writers running an event for other writers. Last year there were sixty writers from four countries involved. With a group of incredible Head Writers in charge, those sixty writers were divided into 16 teams and wrote a short script together, through email, under specific timelines. The scripts are entered into their own competition. The event is free for alumni writers of the script and film divisions of the festival, and also guarantees the participants a festival pass for the following year.

The Writers Room runs a super stealthy private Facebook page to discuss writing, to share experiences, and to find support. It’s a positive space and only the people who participate in the event are allowed in.  We are a community, a place where writers don’t have to feel alone as they struggle through their stories.

The Writers Room is the best kept secret on the festival circuit. If you want to join “The Room” you need to enter AOF first. If membership has its privileges, then isn’t it time you thought of joining in?

Enter AOF 2014. It’s where all the cool kids go.



  1. love this and couldn’t agree more!

    • Thanks Jason. Your efforts and contributions to our community are always appreciated. You’ve been such a huge part of the growth of the Writers Room.


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