Posted by: michellemuldoon | January 6, 2014

“Hey You” Update

It’s one week until production of the music video in support of “Hey You”, a song on the latest album by The Land of Deborah.  We’re very fortunate to have some of the “family” back together, and look forward to working with some new additions.

Returning to crew together are Rebecca Hales as producer/production manager, Thomas Billingsley as Director of Photography, Michelle Lamberson is aboard as set photographer, Marc Baker will grip for Paisley Media again, and Mauri Bernstein brings her editing expertise to the production. We were all involved with A Rendezvous, and some were even around for the “Pocket of Heaven” video shoot.

Coming aboard for the first time is producer Lisa Ovies, Joella Cabalu will grip, gaffer Eric Carbery is onboard for his first Paisley Media production, and taking care of make-up is Michelle Carrington. Dancer Maxine Chadburn has choreographed a piece for the haunting, heart-felt ballad.

We shoot on January 12th. So much still to do. So much to look forward to.



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