Posted by: michellemuldoon | January 9, 2014

“Hey You” Production Team

DSC_0200(Photo courtesy, Michelle Lamberson)

There’s a small group of people working hard to make the “Hey You” music video a reality, and I want to take a moment to acknowledge and thank the people involved with producing the latest video from The Land of Deborah.

First off, let’s start with the lady of the hour, Deborah. It all starts with a song, and a willingness to let others interpret it. I never take for granted the trust that she places in me when we work together. I also appreciate that she lets me bounce thoughts off her, and is always ready to respond with well thought out feedback.

“Hey You” is a simple, beautiful song produced by Nick Tyzio of Nightly Potato.  He’s a very talented sound engineer, and you hear it on every recording of The Land of Deborah.

When the concept of this video popped into my head, I knew I needed a theatre space to make it work. In steps Lisa Ovies. Lisa not only secured our location, but helped us find our gaffer, Eric Carbery.  She has been helpful, enthusiastic, accommodating … well, the list could go on. We couldn’t have done this without the space we’re in, and that is all Lisa.

Lastly, but far from least, Rebecca Hales. Rebecca is taking on the dual roles of Producer, and Production Manager. She is an incredible, detail-oriented organizer. If I’ve missed something, I know Rebecca is there to pick up the missed thread. She’s a “get it done” person, so I know that on Sunday, January 12th, I can hand over the set to her, and just focus on directing.

My thanks go out to everyone for their efforts, and their commitment to the collaborative process. I think this all bodes well for a successful weekend.



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