Posted by: michellemuldoon | January 15, 2014

“Hey You” Post Production


“Hey You” the latest music video, in support of the next album by The Land of Deborah, shot last Sunday, and I’m still pinching myself at how fortunate I am. The shoot was a breeze, and all due to the incredible efforts of the cast and crew. When you work with people who clearly love what they do, are good at it, and committed to always giving their best, you can’t help but walk away from the experience re-energized. All I kept thinking was, I want to make a feature with these people.

Please find the cast and crew credit list below ( including, awkwardly, my small contribution). They are not just great at what they do, but are incredible people, as well.

The music video would not have gotten off the ground without the support of Ed Brando at William F. Whites Int. This man is the biggest supporter of indie production in Vancouver. His support is like a ribbon that runs through everything.

Lastly, my thanks to the people at Go Studios, especially Michael Coleman and Lisa Ovies,  for their support of this project and the Vancouver film and video community, as a whole. Lisa was such a big supporter, she came on board as a producer.

We are now in the hands of editor Mauri Bernstein. From there, post moves on to Eastside Visuals, the post production company owned by our Director of Photography, Thomas Billingsley. “Hey You” is in great hands. And like I said before, I’m feeling very, very fortunate.



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