Posted by: michellemuldoon | February 1, 2014

“Hey You” Set Photos Pt. 2

We have picture lock for the music video “Hey You”, by singer/songwriter The Land of Deborah, and featuring the choreography of Maxine Chadburn as danced by Maxine and fellow dancer Kelly McInnes. Here are a few more photographs to peak your curiosity. Photos courtesy of Michelle Lamberson.

Dancers4Dancers Maxine Chadburn, Kelly McInnes. DoP Thomas Blillingsley, with Neil Menard and Joella Cabalu.

Hey You a SecThe Land of Deborah turns the camera on the camera crew.

TLOD4The Land of Deborah.

Maxine and ThomasDoP Thomas Billingsley gets a close-up of dancer Maxine Chadburn.



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