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VIWIFF 2014: Afterparty

Afterparty by Sociable Films

The Vancouver International Women In Film Festival is throwing a party, and an Afterparty, and you’re all invited. One of this year’s features is the cooperative film venture, Afterparty, a film that defines the word “collaboration” and provides a glimpse into a unique form of filmmaking in these days of limited funds and financing. If you need an example of film as a labour of love, then this would be the poster-child.

The cast that toiled tirelessly over six consecutive weekends includes Bomb Girls favorites Ali Liebert and Jodi Balfour, as well as consistent stand-out Peter Benson. Graham Coffeng gives a heart-felt, and heart-wrenching performance as Charlie, the instigator of the weekend gathering.

Afterparty was filmed under the Union of BC Performers (UBCP) Members Initiated Project (MIP) by the newly formed production company, Sociable Films. The cast created the work together, filming 40 unscripted scenes over six consecutive weekends in the summer of 2012. The commitment to creating a unified voice for a generation oozes through every frame. Thanks to the unique production process, there’s an authenticity to this film that you won’t find in many films at your local cineplex.

Film festivals are seen as a celebration of film, yet in screening Afterparty, VIWIFF 2014 celebrates thinking outside the box and finding a way to make film happen. Supporting unique voices, and in this case, unique choices, is what a film festival should be. In Screening Afterparty, VIWIFF2014 provides a glimpse into a model of film production that could serve to spur on a growth in local production.

See you at the screening… and the Afterparty.

For Tickets, please visit: Women In Film and Television Vancouver (WIFTV)

WIFTV members can purchase a specially priced $25 festival pass.



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