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NFB poster for CHI by Anne Wheeler

The Vancouver International Women In Film Festival (VIWIFF) is very proud to present a documentary about one of its lifetime members, Babz Chula, a woman of immense strength, and life-force (CHI), who waged a brave six-year battle against cancer. Her fight led her to an Ayurvedic healer in India, and the journey is recorded by renowned filmmaker, Anne Wheeler.

“For in the darkest depths somehow the human spirit emerges warrior-like and there is warmth, and humour, and curiosity. The fear retreats. This is how the warrior wins.” – – Babz Chula

The film follows Babz as she travels to Kerala, India, to a bare-bones clinic that, at first, delivers positive results, until Babz eventually takes a turn for the worst. Chula allows the camera to bear witness to what happens next; facing her journey with honesty and dark humour.

This is a moving film about a brave woman with a huge heart. Babz Chula nurtured many  in the Vancouver film community. She was a generous mentor to young artists, and a supporter of countless charities.  Her loss has been, and continues to be felt deeply by the local film community. In honour of Babz, members of the community formed the Babz Chula Lifeline for Artists Society.

“The Society continues on in her name, extending help to performing artists residing in BC who have found themselves in dire financial need due to an inability to cover medical expenses after critical illness or accident.” – – Babz Chula Lifeline for Artists Society Website

Please join us in celebrating the life of an important member of our community, a woman who gave of herself tirelessly, a woman whose legacy continues on through this film.

Filmmaker Anne Wheeler will join the audience after the screening via live feed and discuss the film, as well as developing character relationships in narrative and non-narrative films.



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