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VIWIFF 2014: Last Woman Standing

Boxer Ariane Fortin in training.

The Vancouver International Women in Film Festival is showing a film about friendship, roadblocks, passion, and just how far someone is willing to go to reach their dreams. All this and more are rolled into a gripping documentary about female boxers in, Last Woman Standing.

I might have been the first member of the screening committee to see this film. During one of our wonderful dinner meetings, the film came up for discussion and I was asked what I thought. My response; we need more people to see it. It should be under serious consideration. The film went on to be screened by some of our less “sport”-minded members and they walked away saying the same thing I said, “this is about more than boxing. It’s about a very human and universal struggle.”

Last Woman Standing brings to light how far two people can be pushed to achieve a life-long dream, in this case, going to the London Olympics. However, what makes this unique is that it’s an inaugural Games for women’s boxing, and there’s only one slot for Canada. The dilemma is that friends and training partners Mary Spencer and Ariane Fortin must beat the other to achieve that dream.

The film has unprecedented access to the journey these two women take over the span of a year. It tells their story, their dreams, and their heart-ache, and it does it with an unflinching gaze.  Filmmaker Julie Lammers will be present for a short Q and A afterward.

If you want to see a movie for everyone, a film you can bring your boyfriend to, a documentary that will make you marvel at the human drive to achieve, and cry at the loss that one woman must endure, then come to Last Woman Standing. You won’t regret it.

Boxer Mary Spencer in Training.



  1. I was one of those no-sport people and I don’t regret watching Last Woman Standing. I really had no clue how unfair women are treated with regard to Olympic regulations. Such a shame those two talented women had to put their friendship on the line for a spot to compete. I suggest NOT to do any research on them before watching the film, because it is nail-biting exciting to see how the story develops.

    • It’s just not what people would expect. So glad you loved it, too.

  2. Can I promote this on my twitter feed?


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