Posted by: michellemuldoon | March 3, 2014

VIWIFF 2014: Long On Shorts

WIFTV Film Festival, aka, VIWIFF 2014

The Vancouver International Women in Film Festival had to make some hard decisions about what short films to screen at this year’s festival. I cannot even begin to guess at how many projects we watched. My inner child wants to say simply, a lot.

Short Films might be the best part of a festival for me. Telling a story in a short amount of time is not easy. The film needs to be clear, and to the point, and it can’t waiver on who the story is about. In that little snippet of film, you can see who has a clear vision, who knows how to actualize that vision, and who can tell a story. Making short films is, in many ways, the practical film school.

This year’s festival features a diverse line-up of films. The first block has been dubbed, Date Night, or Not. Again, I’m proud to say, these aren’t all exactly “chick flicks”.  The list includes a film that screened at the Sundance Film Festival, a great mid-length film from Germany, an Oscar nominated actress, and several films from emerging local talents. It’s always a treat to see great work from people in your own backyard, and I hope that an audience comes out to celebrate the locals.

Our second short block includes films that were championed by members of the committee.  These are films that resonated with someone enough for them to be firmly in its corner. The work in this block is thematically varied, and multinational. There are films from Senegal, Ireland, and Cyprus. And yes, there’s a local film in this block, as well. I think you should be prepared to laugh and cry, so yeah, bring some tissues.

Short Films are the life blood of most festivals. They are unique, varied, and, and most importantly, provide opportunity to see a filmmaker at their earliest stage. Years from now, you might be sitting in a theatre watching a feature film from one of these women, and you’ll be able to say, “I remember when…”

Make some memories, come out to the short film blocks at VIWIFF 2014.



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