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VIWIFF 2014: Web Series Lounge

WIFTV Film Festival, aka, VIWIFF 2014

One of the unique , and free, events at this year’s Vancouver International Women in Film Festival is the Web Series Lounge.  The idea is so simple, it’s brilliant!

Come out on March 8th, between 9:30AM and 7:00PM to the Vancity Theatre lobby and you can sit down in front of a laptop and catch some of the great local productions that Vancouver talent has to offer.  These are projects made by British Columbia women, and the festival committee is very proud to support their efforts in creating episodic web-based programming. Below you’ll find a list of the great programming available for free.

The Actress Diaries Comedy: The Actress Diaries is a Vancouver based comedy following the misadventures of two overly ambitious aspiring actresses/waitresses.

  • Director: Lisa Hughes
  • Producer: Lisa Hughes, Kate Bateman, Megan Russel
  • Writer: Lisa Hughes, Matt Hamilton, Megan Russell, Max Sussman
  • Cast: Lisa Hughes, Kate Bateman & Matt Hamilton

Blank Verse: A web series about William Shakespeare and the great writers of his time re-imagined as modern day university students.

  • Creator and Producer: Amanda Konkin
  • Cast: Claire Hesselgrave, Emma Middleton

Sleeping With the Dead: Sleeping With the Dead is a screwball mocumentary about a group of bumbling ghost hunters who get their own reality TV show.

  • Director: Allison Beda
  • Producer: Allison Beda, Kate Norby, Jessica Lancaster
  • Writer: Kate Norby, Jessica Lancaster
  • Cast: Kate Norby, Jessica Lancaster

Let’s Make it! So Good!: Learn all about cooking, food production and nutrition, everything from raising chickens to cooking your own birthday cake!

  • Writer: Sophia Dagher
  • Executive Producer: Rachel Talalay
  • Cast: Kaitlyn Bernard, Lucy Harvey

The Girls Guide: Each episode will focus on the lives of Lucy, Victoria, and Shaun, all friends since high school. The three each have quite individual tastes; however, they have one thing in common, girls.

  • Writer and Director: Justine Stevens
  • Producer: Tess Calder
  • Cast: Christa Andersen, Briana Rayner

Yoga Town: A hilarious mockumentary about the business of yoga.

  • Director: Tracy D. Smith
  • Writer and Producer: Jill Hope Johnson, Ashwin Sood


  • Creator and Writer: Julia Dordel
  • Producer: Julia Dordel, Anita Reimer
  • Cast: Julia Dordel, Anita Reimer

Baking a Fool of Myself : A marijuana cooking show designed to take the confusion out of infusing marijuana in food for people with medical needs and people without.

Parked: PARKED is a contemporary coming of age comedy web series about a group of friends who find themselves at an emotional and personal crossroads as they struggle to come to terms with who they were, who they are and who they need to be.

  • Director: Peter Deluise
  • Creator, Producer, Writer: S. Siobhan McCarthy, Adam O. Thomas, Tracey Mack

The Switch is about breaking down barriers of gender both onscreen and behind the scenes.

  • Director: Monika Mitchell
  • Executive Producer: Hannah Gordon, Amy Fox, Monika Mitchell
  • Cast: Julie Vu, Amy “Robbin” Fox

True Heroines: The True Heroines follows the escapades of three 1950’s housewives who share a dangerous secret: they have superpowers. As products of a series of secret genetic experiments, these high-heeled “Humans with Special Abilities” now make their (perfect) homes in New Paradise Hill, leading double-lives to elude the mysterious corporation that hunts them.

  • Director: Michelle OuelletProducer:
  • Michelle Ouellet, Nicholas Carella, Nicholas Simon
  • Creator: Paula Giroday, Jovanna Huguet, Joel Sturrock, Fiona Vroom

Hit The Road: Hit The Road is a hybrid media adventure series for families that follows a mother and daughter. The show is part TV-style travelogue, part documentary, and part interactive experience. Hit The Road finds the heartbeat and soul of the places and people it encounters, taking audiences to places that are hard to find.

Lean Nature: Informational series designed to get people interested in going to the gym.


It doesn’t have to cost you anything to support your local talent.



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