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Screenwriting Nuggets on Twitter

McCaw are for the birds.

Ah, Twitter, the more I know you, the more I like you. It’s like the best long-distance relationship one can have. Communication is short, and sweet when life is busy, and long and thoughtful when we have the time to sit down and really communicate. The conversation can go anywhere, and often does but at its core, like a long-distance relationship, it’s about yearning for more.  There’s never enough time, and never enough characters to share with.

So, what have I been sharing? I love to share about food, sport, film, friends, what’s going on in the entertainment industry, and screenwriting. Yes, I saved the best for last. I recently realized that I occasionally share a nugget of thought on my favorite passion. I think it’s time I shared some of those tweets here. For your consideration, I give you, some concise thoughts on screenwriting.

  • No word is too precious, no idea too sacred to avoid the harsh reality of the edit. Break your comfort zone. Embrace change #screenwriting.
  • I don’t need to love the protagonist, I need to feel that they’re compelling and redeemable. Is it just me? #screenwriting.
  • If you can link the scenes of your primary plot line in your #screenwriting backwards, then it’s a tight story.
  • Universal themes make for films that resonate with the widest audience no matter how “niche” your subject matter.  #screenwriting
  • How high are the stakes? It can make or break the journey of the protagonist and the investment of the audience. #screenwriting
  • There’s a difference between writing evocative literary description and writing good scene direction in a #screenwriting
  • What the #Olympics teaches us. Great stories exist every day, in all of us, and all around us. We just need to take the time to hear them.
  • #Screenwriting, not for the faint of heart, or the fortune and fame seekers. You need to be in it for the long haul.
  • Let your characters say the things you’d never dream of. Lend them your voice, not your trepidation. #Screenwriting
  • You must always pay-off the promise of the premise. #Screenwriting
  • Do you intro people with; “This is Brian, 40’s with brown hair & a soiled red shirt.”? So why intro your characters that way? #screenwriting
  • “B” characters; crucial to story progression, and pacing. Love them like they’re an “A” and they’ll make your story soar. #screenwriting
  • A good script should either make me feel something, or make me think. A great script will do both. #screenwriting
  • If your first act doesn’t work, nothing will. #screenwriting
  • Intro your main characters in the first 10 pages, & the story flows. Insert them later – it’s a tectonic shift to the viewer. #screenwriting

So, why aren’t you following me, again? See you on twitter. I’m @chat2michelle



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