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Behind The Gate

Behind The Gate

BEHIND THE GATE is a documentary feature that can now be viewed on the digital distribution platform, Yekra. It’s also a film co-written and shot by Del Weston, a man I consider to be a friend, a mentor, and an inspiration. I doubt that Del thought that when he started the Action On Film (AOF) International Film Festival a decade ago, he would one day be sitting in a room with Academy Award winner Joe Pesci working through the script for a documentary about the Sport of Kings, but that’s exactly how his journey has played out.

Behind The Gate gives the audience an all-access pass to what goes on at the race track. The media always portrays the sport as being rife with drugs, abuse and greed, but what you see in this film is representative of the majority of horse owners; people who, like the fans of the races, are living a love affair with the horses they own and the track they call home.  Horse racing is America’s longest running championship sport for a reason, and this film gives you a glimpse into why.

Del was recently telling me about his conversation with Ron Ellis, one of the greatest race horse trainers in the world. He trains horses for millionaires. Yes, that word is a plural.  The man loves horses, and so do the people he trains for.  He makes sure the people he works for are the people who care about the horses more than the money, because the little known fact is, horse racing is by and large a money-losing venture. The love of the sport is a theme that runs a clear swath through eighty-eight minutes of Behind The Gate.

Behind The Gate is loaded with interviews with people like Joe Pesci, Oscar De la Hoya, and Paul Lo Duca. It’s a movie that gives you a front row seat to the history of horse racing, and the people who continue to live the dream.

If you want to have an informed opinion on horse racing, then Behind The Gate is mandatory viewing.

Del Weston, through the AOF International Film Festival, has supported and nurtured filmmakers for over a decade. I think it’s time that we gave back. Watch Behind The Gate. Share it with friends. Support our own, and learn a little something at the same time.



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