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Food and Film: The Perfect Pairing

My good friend Rebecca Coleman recently wrote a blog post about her favorite Food Films on her blog, Cooking By Laptop. Hit the link and read the blog post for yourself. It’s fun and it’s one I partially agree with, and yes, partially is the key word here.  Rebecca challenged me to do my own post and include what I felt were my favorite choices.

So, with little fanfare, here’s my contribution to the list of great and/or fun films, about or including food, that I think are memorable.


This is a very personal choice. I saw this film at a young age and it was a revelation. I was transfixed by the opening sequence of authentic and traditional preparations by the father, a senior chef. I had never seen cooking like this before. It’s early Ang Lee and it’s worth your time! Word of warning, vegetarians might not like this too much.


I saw this film before there were ramen places all over town. It’s quirky and I probably need to see it again, but the truth is, even thinking about this little film about noodles makes me smile. Be honest, after watching this clip, will you ever eat your noodles the same way again?


I discovered this film on Netflix a few months ago thanks to a friend. It’s food porn for the French, and best of all, it’s based on the true story of Danièle Mazet-Delpeuch and how she was appointed as the private chef for François Mitterrand. It treats traditional regional cuisine with great respect. I highly recommend you watch this one.

(There’s more food in the English trailer, but I think it’s sacrilege to watch a foreign film once it’s been dubbed.)


It would be a shame not to include a film about one of my favorite beverages. Bottle Shock is a fun little indie film that could and did. It played Sundance. Again, I like the fact it’s based on a true story, and I adore Alan Rickman.  Did I mention I adore Alan Rickman?

These films don’t just make you hungry watching them, they make you appreciate the association of food and culture. Our history is intertwined with the food we eat, and with the film we create. Together, Food and Film say a lot about who we are, and who we wish we could be.


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