Posted by: michellemuldoon | August 23, 2014

Action on Film, Year Ten

The Action on Film International Film Festival (AOF) kicked off its tenth edition last night with the premiere of A Horse For Summer, the feature film debut of AOF writer alumni, Ken Lemm. I don’t know too many festivals that nurture talent the way Del and Theresa Weston do at the AOF.

AOF means home for me, and that’s where I plan on spending my week; sitting in the comfy cozy confines of the Krikorian Theatre in Morovia, CA. Where’s Monrovia you ask? Take a left at that star over Pasadena, and you’ll find the quaint little town of Monrovia.

My personal schedule includes two screenings of Hey You, the music video featuring The Land of Deborah, and the short film A Rendezvous. Add in a Writer’s Gathering, Workshops, a Sunday Filmmakers’ Brunch, a Writer’s Banquet and a Film Banquet and you can imagine how busy the week will be.

The most important thing, though? I’m going home; the home of my first screenwriting award, the home that has nurtured me, the home where my friends like to gather and appreciate the fact someone cared enough to do the same for them.

Here’s to ten more years of film, family, and celebrations. Enter this festival, and let it be family for you.


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