Posted by: michellemuldoon | September 4, 2014

Hey You Recognized


Last week was nothing short of extraordinary at the Action On Film International Film Festival. Hey You, the music video I made with singer/songwriter The Land of Deborah received its debut screening, not once, but three times at the festival and the response to it was humbling.

Everyone is always very kind after a screening. Fellow filmmakers know how hard it is to get to this stage, but when people come up to me two days later and tell me how wonderful the video was, how understated and perfect for the song it was, I could cry.  Just this week I received an email from a screenwriter with this comment included:

I was delighted to meet you at AOF 2014… and to have the privilege of viewing your music video “Hey You”, which I found quite moving, and elegant in its restraint.

To add to the excitement, the video was nominated in the Best Music Video category with six other music videos. Hey You is as stripped down as the song. The video features Deborah, and dancers Maxine Chadburn and Kelly McInnes.  I couldn’t be more proud of everyone’s efforts.

While we didn’t win the category, we did receive the runner-up award. In a world where music videos have grown into productions filled with quick cuts and visual effects, I’m relieved to know there’s still room for a simple, beautiful song, and the video to match it.




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