Posted by: michellemuldoon | October 8, 2014

Hey You: Why Dance?

Hey You dancers.

HEY YOU: I’m not sure but I think we made a dance short film and a music video broke out.  I know, Hey You is not your typical music video. (I don’t think The Land of Deborah is your typical performer, either.) There’s no rapid cuts, multiple streams of story-telling, no scuffed up boots or shoes crunching along a gravel path or in the woods at sixty frames per second.

That seems to be the latest trend in music videos . Every generation seems to have one. In the 80’s it was live concerts. Nowadays, it’s the close-up of feet walking slowly. Regardless of trends, I think what I’m trying to say is, we bucked it, went a different route, and came out with something different. I hope you like “different”.

I’ve received a number of comments over the last six months about the video, critiquing everything from edits, to costumes; some polite, some blunt. Having to answer for your choices forces you to look at them in depth, and in that way, I’m very happy for the critiques because it made me realize something very important; I like the video as is because it answers a simple question, “Does the music video serve the song, and the performer?”  I keep coming up with the same answer, Yes.

Hey You is an intimate song. It speaks to a singular act, an extension of concern, an offer to be there for someone who needs it. It’s personal and speaks to who Deborah is, and what she believes in, as a singer/songwriter. (And I’ve got to say, the camera loves Deborah, her voice, her look, her personality.)

I went to the very talented Max Chadburn and asked for a dance, and WOW! did she give me one. She had to wade through my lack of dance terminology and in essence, translate my dance illiteracy into something that spoke to the emotions of the song. Incredibly, she was able to do just that.

I’m proud of what our small band created together. I’m proud that we went a different route that served the song, and the performer (because, ultimately, isn’t that what it’s all about?). I’m happy that I made a video that my client, Deborah, loves.  And more than anything, I’m happy that I didn’t make a video based on trends.

I hope you like Hey You. I do… and most importantly, so does Deborah.



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