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Indie Filmmakers on iBooks


I always end the year with a list of people I am grateful for, but today, I’m going to push that agenda a little ahead of schedule and thank Del and Theresa Weston for including me in their latest digital book, The Top 100 Indie Filmmakers in the World, Part 1. (The link will take you to iTunes.)

100 Indie Filmmakers from the Action on Film festival

All the filmmakers in this book are people that Del has met through the ten years of the Action on Film (AOF) International Film Festival, and his own program, Del Weston on Film. I’ve met several of the filmmakers in this first edition, and I’m truly humbled and amazed to be included in their company. Del Weston supports filmmakers from a place of pure love. He is the kind of person that doesn’t ask what he can do to help, he just does it. My life changed when I met him, and I can’t imagine how different it would be without him, because truthfully, I never want to find out. He is friend, mentor, inspiration, and a marvel.

What makes the people in this book special? The first answer that pops into my mind is, “risk takers.” This is a group that does what it needs to do to get their projects made, whether that project is a short film, music video, documentary, or feature film. These are people that take both narrative risks in how they tell stories, and financial risks to get them made. They define what it means to live as an indie filmmaker.

Out of this group, I’ve known Stan Harrington and Kely McClung the longest.  They were there for me on day one. These two men epitomize what it means to be a passionate independent filmmaker. They are single-minded when it comes to completing their projects. They do it all, and do it well. They tell the stories they want to tell, and they don’t flinch at the challenge. I admire them immensely, and now, here I am, sharing pages in a book with them. Their company, and the trust and support of Del and Theresa Weston are the best Christmas presents I’m going to get this year.

If you’re looking for me, you’ll find me in Chapter 19.  My chapter. Seriously, who gets to say something like that?!?! My chapter is a testament not to me, but to the support I’ve been given by my family, my friends, and my collaborators in Vancouver; the actors, producers, composers, cinematographers, and crew that have all agreed to take the plunge with me. Rebecca Hales, Thomas Billingsley, Land of Deborah, Marc Baker and Michelle Lamberson have been with me on almost every project, if not all. Thank you for all you’ve done. I can’t wait to make more film with you.

The photographs in Chapter 19 are from my various shoots. Marc Baker, who has taken on DIT duties, was also the set photographer on Potluck. Michelle Lamberson has taken all the other photos. Marc has been an incredible support and I’ve known him a long long time, but it’s Michelle that I’ve known longer than anyone in my life. She and her husband Arne have been there for me from the beginning.  I can’t thank all three of them enough.

I hope you’ll buy the book and support the people supporting indie film. It’s how we all move forward. We do it together.

Chapter 19, Top Indie Filmmakers



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